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Trust me on that one. Juice Plus touts its extensive research on the product, but unfortunately their research is more fancy footwork than hard evidence. This ahhhh-mazing post outlines, very specifically, why the research that Juice Plus has done on their products is essentially whacked.

You follow that? I only did it for the Orchard Blend because you can see enough from just that:. Fruit juice powders, mg FYI this is simply the weight of the capsules, not a megadose of wonderfulness. You can also see that the DRIs for the vitamins and minerals that Juice Plus contains are much lower than Juice Plus will have you believe. Bioflavonoids are compounds found in plants that have antioxidant properties.

Everything You Need To Know About Juice Plus+ Capsules

The other contents of Juice Plus — such as bromelain and papain which are found in pineapple and papaya respectively, and have no credible research showing they do anything for health, and garlic, oats, and rice, are readily available in normal doses of…food. In fact, there is no research that suggests that more antioxidants are better. Sign Up for Blog Updates. Read More. Some studies have shown significant increases in vitamin E [18] [38] [44] and C levels, [18] [19] [38] [43] while other studies have shown much weaker effects on vitamin E [19] [41] and C levels, [41] and that the levels of vitamin E [39] [42] and vitamin C [39] [42] [44] are not significantly increased.

Concerns have also been raised about the accuracy of product labeling. Three studies which included chemical analyses of Juice Plus have indicated nutrient amounts that differ from the amounts listed on the product labels. William Sears a distributor of Juice Plus products , which implied that Juice Plus Gummies were low in sugar and a nutritional alternative to fruits and vegetables.

Other studies conducted under more rigorous conditions randomized , double-blind , placebo-controlled, longer in duration and with more subjects , found no significant reductions in lipid peroxidation, [41] [42] [44] DNA oxidation, [38] [42] [43] [44] or other markers of oxidative stress. One placebo -controlled study conducted in found that Juice Plus Gummie candies did not significantly improve the antioxidant status of children, as indicated by negative results from 6 different antioxidant tests.

Barrie R. Cassileth , Chair and Chief of Integrative Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, cautioned that while Juice Plus is being "aggressively promoted to cancer patients based on claims of antioxidant effects", the supplement should not be taken by patients because it can interfere with chemotherapy, nor should it be considered a substitute for fruits and vegetables. Several studies have examined the effects of Juice Plus capsules on biochemical parameters associated with cardiovascular function, again with conflicting results. In October , Dr.

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Cassileth, Chair and Chief of Integrative Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center , noted that the results of Juice Plus studies on plasma homocysteine levels were not reproducible, and that studies on cardiovascular effects, such as blood pressure and cholesterol , were inconclusive. Two randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled studies have examined the effect of Juice Plus on serum cholesterol and LDL levels. A study reported that a combined regimen of Juice Plus Orchard Blend and Garden Blend significantly decreased the impairment of brachial artery vasoactivity caused by a high-fat meal in healthy subjects.

In a randomized placebo-controlled, crossover study in adults with metabolic syndrome , 8-week supplementation with Juice Plus had no significant effect on vascular endothelial function, serum insulin, blood glucose, body weight, total cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol.

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Adverse effects of Juice Plus have been mentioned in three studies, [19] [40] [68] No monitoring of adverse effects was reported in other published Juice Plus studies. The first of these studies in reported adverse effects upper-respiratory tract, urinary, and musculoskeletal in roughly a third of the participants who took the products for 7 days; these events resolved spontaneously and were deemed unlikely to have derived from use of Juice Plus.

In the third study, from , some subjects withdrew due to gastrointestinal distress, possibly caused by the Juice Plus regimen a combination of Orchard Blend, Garden Blend, and Vineyard Blend. The liver injury was reversed upon discontinuation of Juice Plus. In a critique of Juice Plus, [2] consumer health advocate and alternative medicine critic Stephen Barrett of MLM Watch remarked upon the previous association between two authors of a Juice Plus research study [18] and United Sciences of America, Inc.

USAI , a multilevel marketing company that sold vitamin supplements with illegal claims that they could prevent many diseases. Morin was a scientific advisor who helped design the products. State and federal enforcement actions [70] [71] [72] [73] [74] [75] drove USAI out of business in Simpson, known commonly as "O.

In March , Simpson was videotaped telling 4, Juice Plus distributors at a sales meeting that the product had cured his arthritis, improved his golf game, and freed him from using anti-arthritic drugs. The foundation is chaired by executives of National Safety Associates and operates from the company's head office in Collierville, Tennessee. The Foundation's website shows results of an ongoing customer survey The Juice Plus Children's Health Study which suggests a link between Juice Plus consumption and a general improvement in diet and lifestyle habits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 18 August MLM Watch. Retrieved Consumer Reports.

January Archived from the original on University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter. Archived from the original PDF on October 13, Retrieved December 15, Clarke January Kansas State University, Dept.

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Silver Lake Publishing. The Commercial Appeal. June 30, Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 20 January Jefferson City News-Tribune. November 26, It also healed my daughter's terrible eczema when everything had failed. Also have much better energy and it reduced my joint pains.

Juice Plus + | Parrish Florida Healthy Living | Whole Food Nutrition

Amazing product! Read more. Purchased in September Love these products!!! Been a raving fan since Also lost 8. I have been on the Premium pack fruit, veggie and berry capsules for around 2 months, as well as the complete shake and have just started the vegan omegas. My hubby also loves them and my little boy.

JUICE PLUS+® Capsules (The JUICE PLUS+® Company Europe GmbH)

After being a mum for a year I was rundown and we were getting sick often. Very quickly I noticed an increase in my energy. A consistent, vibrant energy not like a wired coffee feeling! A month in I noticed that any fluid my body was holding had gone, as if my tummy and everything wa I've just started these 4 days ago and just took 4 fruit blend instead of 2 fruit and 2 berry, is that bad?

Juice Plus with Wellness Direction

Aww i do hope you found your answers You never have to worry if you took too many fruit or any of them for that matter Just take the berries also you'll be fine ok. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Write a review. Ask a question. Sort by: Newest.

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