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Timothy Cargal's clear and straightforward explanations of these Scriptures along with his insightful connections to our lives today make this volume an outstanding guide in applying the lessons of these ancient books to our 21st-century faith and discipleship. Samuels Journey With God. Living Faithfully. The Challenge of Blessings. Accountable Forgiveness. Easy to follow, step-by-step suggestions for leading a group are provided as well as questions to facilitate class discussion.

This volume is part of the Immersion Bible Studies series. Inspired by a fresh translation, the Common English Bible CEB , Immersion stands firmly on Scripture and helps readers explore the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of their personal faith.

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Whether they are using the CEB or another translation, Immersion will offer new insights into God's Word, their own lives, and their life with God. A Relationship and a Way of Living. Deuteronomy had an enormous effect on the development of Jewish Tradition that would come far into the future. Almost of the original Torah commands come in Deuteronomy.

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The method that Moses expounded on the Law is closer to how the Rabbis at least at first commented on the Law, and so Rabbinical Halakah Rabbinical legal rulings have a form and protocol much more similar to Deuteronomy than to the 4 earlier books of Torah. Deuteronomy forms an important part of ancient and modern day Jewish liturgy; for instance the Shema the Hear O Israel of Deut.

Other phrases from Deuteronomy are interspersed in standard Jewish prayers such as the Amidah and the Aleinu.

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In order to best prepare you to study this tremendous book, I would like to lay some groundwork of the main premises that are discussed so that you can be looking for them. At the top of the list is that the highest and most fundamental principle that under girds Deuteronomy is Monotheism. That He tolerated no competition. Having only ONE god was downright embarrassing! Well, it is addressed here in Deuteronomy and Moses makes it clear that there is but one god, period.

And, it is a concept that is not particularly well-received by the Israelites, nor is it taken seriously as we see the people of Israel move from apostasy to apostasy, worshipping god after god, and suffering dearly for it. Loyalty goes hand in hand with the Monotheistic stream of thought.

The logic is that if there is only one God, and this God has decided to bless Israel above all other people, then the obvious response is absolute loyalty to Him. In fact, Israel is not only not to revert to worshipping other gods or things like stars, and the moon, and comets….

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Then we find that Moses discusses the entire Concept of God. And, I agree with him totally. It was not God who was in the fire on the summit of Mt.

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  • In other words, as I spoke of earlier, Moses takes the typical physical nature of the world of false gods who are present, completely or partially, on earth often in the forms of animals or a Pharaoh or a river and makes it obsolete; rather, Moses invokes the spirituality and formlessness of Yehoveh as His true essence.

    Yet, Yehoveh is a God with something akin to emotions; He is the God who loves, and gets angry, and even gets jealous.

    Immersion Bible Studies: Deuteronomy by Abingdon Press | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    He is not some distant being that sets the world in motion, gives mankind rules for living, and then takes a long vacation with a Do Not Disturb sign hanging on his door. This is a God that craves intimacy with people who love Him. Next, the theme of the Covenant relationship between God and Israel is affirmed. The first two covenants are reviewed and discussed. And, in chapter 26 Moses emphasizes that even though the covenant relationship has as its foundation both legal and religious elements, that the relationship between God and Israel goes well beyond emotional and spiritual…..

    There is much the modern church can learn from this. This covenant theme goes to some length to make it clear that physical action must accompany the spiritual faith of Israel. That to try and separate the two is folly. Today, works is practically a 4-letter word within the Body of Believers. The NT book of James addresses this head on. NAS James For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.

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    It is going to take some of you by surprise that another major theme of Deuteronomy is love. Israel is as a son to God for He created them, redeemed them, guided them through the wilderness, fights for them and protects them and has chosen Israel among all nations on earth for a special one-of-a-kind relationship with Him. Other themes that will be discussed at some length in Deuteronomy are the The Land that is now Israel; the Law and the need to stay safely within the boundaries of behavior and thought that the Lord has ordained for Israel.

    One of the most interesting themes we will uncover is the process of Centralizing the place of Sacrificial Worship.

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    And as is so central to both Judaism and Christianity today, the theme of Humanitarianism is focused upon in Deuteronomy. So despite this terribly faulty rhetoric that has been a mainstay of Church doctrine for centuries that in the Old Testament we get the angry God, the vengeful God, the legalistic and blood thirsty God…..

    And, that study will begin in earnest next week.