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  1. The Democratic primaries and the white privilege of Iowa and N.H. - The Boston Globe
  2. Revisiting the white privilege debate: an open letter*
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People of color are encouraged to attend it daily or as often as they want to participate in a conversation for us, by us.

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This caucus attempts to provide a safe environment for people of color to share information, feelings, experiences, and interactions that occur during the conference through the use of small-group discussion as a vehicle for mutual support and collaboration.

Below is an example of an all day institute on Wednesday, the day prior to the conference.

The Democratic primaries and the white privilege of Iowa and N.H. - The Boston Globe

Description: In this institute, we will investigate the consequences of working with white people who are struggling to come to terms with white privilege. Skip to main content. You are here Home. The Quaker Way. Spiritual Deepening. The Gathering. Sign up for Gathering information Quaker Finder.


But how did he wield such awesome power? Zuma is not alone in enjoying the presumption of innocence stretched to this absurdity within the ANC. Whether Ramaphosa believes this or not, the country is on its way to slashing the Bill of Rights on the back of that Nasrec resolution.

The greatest victims of the anti-white rhetoric that kept Zuma in power all the while enriching a rainbow clutch of elite networkers have been poor black people, 20 million of whom live on state-owned land where unemployment numbers approach Zimbabwean levels. To own fixed property is basically a privilege in South Africa that is directly denied by the state to almost half the population, and because of Marxist race-nationalist policy, this proportion is rising.

If you want your students to conscientise themselves to injustice in this country, why not mention that? Different rooms come with different rules — there are rooms in which to be white is to get some unearned privilege.

Revisiting the white privilege debate: an open letter*

Some have been all too ready to believe accusations ranging from racism to murder against white people, while stretching the benefit of the doubt for powerful black elites beyond breaking point. Your claim that white skin will serve as a shield of presumed innocence and a key to open doors in all rooms is irresponsible and misleading.

Your claim that black skin will serve as a stigma of presumed guilt and obstruction is, if anything, more irresponsible. It would be an honour.

White Privilege

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White Privilege Resource Guide

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What is White Privilege?

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