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Available on Amazon. All sorts of complications occur when they discover an innocent soul who ended up in Hell by mistake. Gerald Cole. Darrol93 gmail. Full 2-act play. The Case of the Burning Tests. A modern Sherlock Holmes tale, written for high school students, starring Sherry Holmes and Winter Watson, young female versions of the famous sleuth. A one hour long one act play. The Quiet Woman. A misogynist goes to a dating service to find the perfect woman and learns a lesson about himself in the process. This script can be purchased at Heartland Plays heartlandplays. The Glass House.

Lord Of Illusions

She wants solitude and beauty. He wants to experiment with modern architecture. One of them wins.

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Philip Johnson complicates matters. This is the true story behind the building of the Fair — the sacrifices made and the ambitions of architects, businessmen, workers, immigrants, women, and minorities. What is This Thing Called Love? A young Muslim prince is kept ignorant of love because his father fears he will make foolish choices.

Courage and Crossroads: A Visual Journey through the Early American West

In a tower of the Alhambra, his Jewish tutor teaches him philosophy and science, but never mentions love. The Prince breaks away, guided by a wise owl and other birds, and finds love with a lonely Christian princess in another country. Nobody Likes Retsina. Produced in at the Parthenon Restaurant. Richard III Ole! Featured at the Chicago Writers Bloc Festival in Oak Street Beach. A drama that takes place the day that man first landed on the moon in It reflects a small step for man, and a giant leap backward for womankind. Politically, the struggles that women had in are the same ones we have today.

Full Length Plays:. Robert J. Joanne Barbara Koch.

privatsecve.tk: Broadway Shows, Musicals, Plays, Concerts in /20

Belle Barth, edgy comic whose comedy records sold in the millions, sings and jokes through a life that included 5 marriages, with one actor playing the many men in her life. American Klezmer3 W 6 M. Nesting Dolls 3W 3M. True story of a woman recovering from childhood trauma and the therapist who led her out of PTSD hell.

Developed with Chicago Dramatists. Blake Levinson. Blevinson ameritech. In addition, it had staged readings at Dominican University's Graduate School of Social Work and the College of Lake County as part of their training programs for mental health care professionals. Anna O. Produced by Death and Pretzels. This play was a finalist in the Inde Boots Play Festival in Chicago and was recently included in a short play anthology book. The play was created to utilize a cast of 10 with double casting or as large of a cast as available open casting.

Female roles were created and enlarged to bring the story a new perspective. Richard Reardon. Perryreardon55 gmail. A lesbian and gay couple must face the unimaginable task of planning funerals for their teenage children killed in the same auto accident. Through soul searching, the illusion of memory, and the unexpected grace of strangers, these couples grapple with their gravitational grief only to rediscover their unending capacity to love.

Over one weekend in the tight confines of a Flatbush apartment, a character in the midst of her transition must interpret the apparent betrayal of her lover and the possible interests of a troubled stranger.

Ghost Adventures Season 14 Episode 5 - Silent Movie Theater

Down The Rabbit Hole:. Two women three men.

Colorado Mountain College. The English Teacher A ten minute comedy about a daughter discovering that hidden behind her mother's perfect syntax is a shocking secret. Two women. Bill Teitelbaum. Was the Holocaust necessary? Hitler himself insists it was, as well as inevitable. What are any of us, he asks, without our enemies? Ground Zero. Among the casualties of was the marriage of Arnold and Harriet Beck. Now, twenty years later, they ask if the divorce was worth its cost. Contact the author by email at the address above or his representative, S.

Nogan, at Gayleannweinstein sbcglobal. After a struggle, both innocents return to the living. Meet Me On The Corner. A desperate 18 year-old recent immigrant from Poland is hired by a wealthy textile shop owner who falls in love instantly and asks the girl to marry him, changing the trajectory of her life.

Shlomo and the General.

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Shlomo, a Jew, is conscripted into the Russian army as a clerk for a high-ranking general. When Shlomo is asked to convert to Christianity, he devises a plan to escape to America. Seventeen new plays by thirteen distinguished Chicago area playwrights will be presented in a staged reading format.

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The festival kicks off with a benefit on Tuesday evening June 4 at P. The benefit featuring refreshments and a silent auction. All other evenings for the festival begin at P. Tuesday June 4. Mies van der Rohe designs a dream house for Edith Farnsworth that turns into a nightmare. Wednesday June 5. July 20, , man landed on the moon, but back on earth, men behave as badly as they do today.

Post-show discussion with Planned Parenthood and MeToo.