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Start your review of Three Wishes. Feb 18, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: filthy-billionaires , cat-heart-these-books , cotton-candy-romance , the-alpha-syndrome , awesome-heroine , perfect-book-boyfriend , second-chance. Lily has a genie in her family for some generations. They were granted three wishes. Her mother having trouble conceiving wished for her. And she wished for someone who would love her unconditionally. When she was 22, broken and handsome guy, Nate appears in her life. But misunderstandings, lies and secrets broke them and kept them apart for 8 years.

Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents

Now life brought them together again, but nothing is the same anymore, including themselves. Rating: 4,5 Stars. Characters Development: I really loved Lily, she was selfless and sweet and impossible not to like her. Tash was awesome, Fazire was great and I love the rest of the supporting characters.

They were an abundant mix of greatness. Steam: Some hot moments. Sensible Subjects: view spoiler [ Drugs. Some violence. View all 26 comments. I was really, really hesitant to read this book due to the whole geanie in a bottle three wishes concept Lady Heather strongly suggested that I HAVE read this book, she assured me that it's fabulous and in fact one of her favorite KA book I was really, really hesitant to read this book due to the whole geanie in a bottle three wishes concept I really should have known that KA would not disappoint!!!

This was a fantastic, fun, and enduring story that did indeed included the all important Sexy Alpha Male we've come to expect from a KA book. View all 55 comments. Jun 15, Amber rated it it was ok. It started out great, I loved it, but there were just too many horrible unforgivable things in here for me.

I usually love me some KA alpha males, but Nate was just unlikable. There is one thing to be closed off, a lot of her males are this way to a point, but Nate was like a brick wall encased in cement surrounded by a layer of ice.


I just did not get why Lilly was so in love with this guy. They meet, go on one date, ONE, and he is already telling her that she is moving in. They mention several times that they never talk, because it just isn't Nate's 'thing' but still they care for each other It doesn't make sense. But OK, this has happened before in other KA books I guess the moving in quickly, not the non-talking , but on top of the domineering behavior is also usually a LOT of things to like in a typical KA male. Her men usually at times are sweet and gentle and caring and fiercely protective of their women. Nate was all of the bad things, and none of the good ones.

I will just say that originally what tore Nate and Lilly apart I could understand even though it was a little TOO similar to what happens in Play It Safe , but what comes later and what Nate does and says to Lilly were not only absolutely unnecessary in terms of the story line, but also solidified my hatred of Nate's character. If you want to read all of the many reasons this story is not like a typical KA romance and why you should skip it, read the spoiler.

3 Wishes Gift Stores

However, once he finds out that Lilly actually thought he was dead, he completely forces his way back into her life. I was thinking, OK, here comes the part where I am going to really fall in love with Nate. He understands what a living hell her life has been these past 8 years, and what ripped them apart was a tragedy.

When he came in and started fixing up her house, I was thinking okaaaaay, then he transfers the money into her account and keeps saying that he is setting her up so 'in case' he isn't around later she won't be hurting for anything I should have had a clue, this was a horrible sign of things to come. But where is the sweet caring and loving part?

For me it was like he came in, threw his money around, forced her back into his life and for what? So he could push her away again. Makes NO sense. Well, here is what totally turned me against him. Lilly finally decides the only way to crack into his shell is to let him in completely. This was a huge step for her and didn't decide on it lightly. Then she finally tells him she loves him and what does he do? He decides that she is too good for him AGAIN and proceeds with a horrible plan to "make her" fall out of love with him.

Well, I'll tell you, he does a pretty bang up job. He doesn't talk to her, he won't take her calls at work which previously he would take at ANY time no matter how busy he was. I might also mention that he continues to take all of his daughter's calls through this, just not Lilly's. He starts coming home later and later and at one point comes home SO late and then he doesn't even come up to bed.

Reincarnated in the world of Ishtaria

He goes outside and is smoking something else he stopped doing because Lilly hated it and Lilly comes out to him. She tries to be loving and kind and proceeds to swear violently at her and berate her. KA describes the way he looks at her as something slimy that he wants to squash under his foot. Then takes her inside and seduces her in the most vile awful way. He seriously treats her like a whore and makes her beg him to 'f ck' her. When he is done she feels despicable about herself. Oh yeah, it gets better He tries calling back and she turns it off and won't answer.

So the next morning he comes in and proceeds to yell at her telling her to NEVER hang up on him again and stop answering the phone because what if something had happened to their daughter and he couldn't get through to her? So then this is actually where I lost all respect for Lilly.

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She proceeds to tell Nate that she will STILL go through with the wedding, to keep up appearances for their daughter, and after the wedding he can go and do anything and anyone whatever he wants. This is completely and totally messed up on SO many levels. I can't even begin to describe my levels of irate.

Yes, you want the best for your children and you want them to be happy, BUT, you do not marry a man that treats you like crap and won't open up to you or communicate with you in ANY way because you want your daughter to have the appearance of a mother and a father.

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Then miraculously, as fast as Nate decided to ruin Lilly's love for him, he decides what he has done was a huge mistake. He tells her he loves her and lets her in about his past. Of course, she is appalled at what he has been through, but when he tries to apologize for what he has done and said to her do you know what her response is? In two seconds? I couldn't take it. I will also say that the way it was rectified also made me lose ANY respect I might have had for Lilly see spoiler if you want to know why. Have some respect for yourself. Also, there was also one glaringly huge problem I had besides all of the other things I mentioned in my spoiler.

In Lilly's wish when she was 14 she said she wanted a man to love her more than the world. This, I never got from Nate. At times he does things to completely break Lilly's spirit and actually causes her detest herself. How is this showing someone you love them more than the world?